Monday, February 1, 2010

Facial Scars are Champ!

I really like our hospital and ER staff.  I must.  I have spent so much time there lately. 

In December, Joe went to the ER when he had been vomiting for 5 days and was dehydrated.

In January, Jack went to the ER for being dehydrated (so I thought) and ended up staying from Wednesday to Saturday for RSV with Bronchiolitis. 

February First, Joshua went to the ER.  Six stitches. 

We have lived in this house for 3 1/2 years.  We have a big, beautiful wood burning stove that heats our home.  It is perched on a gorgeous rock hearth that extends the entire length and heighth of the wall.  Joe has said a thousand times, "No running!  Someone is going to fall and split their head open!"  A thousand times.

Tonight, I was sitting on the couch watching a highly anticipated movie.  Jack was in his room playing with Legos.  Joshua was running up and down the hallway.  Then, Josh did this little dance-spin move (remember, Rodriguez ROCK Stars) and landed head first on the corner of the rock hearth.  BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

I ran him to the bathroom to control the bleeding and survey the damage.  I could see skull.  Y'all, moms were never designed to see the interior of their children's bodies.  Stitches for sure.

I scooped him up and buckled him in to his carseat.  Luckily, the hospital is exactly 3 minutes away.  Yes, I've timed it.  Luckily, also, I hadn't taken off my nice clothes yet, taken out my contacts, washed the make-up off my face.  I always think of doing that at an early hour, so I can relax.  But, I always think to myself, what if something happens and I have to run to the hospital.  Folks, it's a monthly reality at this house.

I am so grateful that there was NO ONE in the waiting room.  We walked right in to triage and then right into a suite.  Oops, I mean hospital room.  Within one hour, we were on our way home.  Since the cut was so deep, it required one internal stitch and then five external stitches. 

When we got home, Jack wanted to see the stitches.  I explained them to him (he doesn't even remember his own stitches, thankfully).  I said that the doctor had to sew Joshie's skin up.  Jack said, "like a sewing machine?"  Kinda.

So, do ya think that Josh learned his lesson?  Do you think he walked cautiously into the house?  No.  He ran into the house to show off to his brother and then five minutes later, he was running down the hall again.  Kids!

Growing up, I always thought Indiana Jones was so cool because he had that scar on his face.  Well, Jack has the scar on his eyebrow from where he got hit by a wooden swing at the age of 1 1/2.  Now, Joshua has a scar on his forehead from the rock hearth, just weeks before turning 3.  My boys will be so champ!  Now, if we could only think up some exciting stories about how they got their scars...............

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