Monday, January 12, 2015

Free Teaching Resources

I have often heard the phrase, "We are blessed to be a blessing."  I quite agree with that sentiment.

What good would it do if I kept all my blessings bottled up and locked down?  It would benefit no one.  Not even me.

I have been blessed. And I want to bless others.  Over my ten years in the classroom, I amassed quite a collection of resources.  But, what good do they do all boxed up in my closet?  I am blessed to be a blessing to others.  Therefore, I went through my boxes and boxes and boxes and have decided to give away my resources.  To you.

Below, you will find resources for Literacy, Math, Geography, and Classroom Organization.  "Shop" for items that will be useful in your classroom.  In order to allow everyone a chance to "shop", please only select 5 items for this round.  After everyone has "shopped" in this round, I will delete the items that are no longer available and then open the "shopping" again.  (I am using the term "shop", but honestly everything is free)  My resources are open to all teachers/homeschoolers, but do realize that some items might be hard to ship if you live far away.

I am asking for no payment, only the knowledge that these resources will go to good use in the hands of students.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll bless another teacher with your resources one day.

Alright, let's get this party started.  Literacy first, as that is my passion.  (***I have no idea why my pics won't align the right way.  Sorry)

Literacy Resources

Boggle with 4 extra "dice".  I used this in a Lit Center and the kids LOVED it!  TAKEN by Emma

Bunnicula Novel Unit with Task Cards TAKEN by Alicia

Cause and Effect Cards.  Perfect for class review or put in a center.  TAKEN by Danielle

30 Character Traits Cards.  Review whole class when you have a surprise 5 minutes left.  Or, put in a literacy center.  TAKEN by Danielle

30 Context Clues Cards.  Same as above.  TAKEN by Danielle

2 sets of Contraction Confections.  Already laminated and cut out. TAKEN by Deanna

30 Fact or Opinion Cards.  TAKEN by Danielle

Grades 3-5

Hatchet Novel Unit.  TAKEN by Alicia

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Novel Unit  TAKEN by Emma

Listening Center Response Cards.  TAKEN by Danielle

Literature Response Cards.  Laminated.  TAKEN by Danielle

Literacy Centers.  Some already made for you. 

10 Mad Libs.  Some pages written on with pencil. TAKEN by Kristen

Novel units for popular books. TAKEN by Alicia

Task Cards for popular novels. TAKEN by Alicia

Poetry Task Cards

Mr. Popper's Penguins Novel Unit TAKEN by Alicia

Grade 4

The Red Pony Novel Unit

30 Respond to Reading Task Cards TAKEN by Emma

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Novel Unit

Sentence Scrabble: TAKEN by Amanda

Smart Mouth.  As the students slide the column, two new letters appear.  They have to think of a word that starts with the green tile and ends with the orange tile.  In this case, um, "hear".  Or "horror".  More points for longer words.  TAKEN by Amanda

5 task cards for a Spelling Center TAKEN by Kristen

Spelling Center with letter tiles.  Blue tiles are consonants and red tiles are vowels.  Students spell their words on the mat, write them with dry-erase marker, and add up their "scrabble" points. TAKEN by Amanda

Perfect for a Writing Center: TAKEN by Amanda

Stove-top covers.  These are magnetic and dry-erase-able.  The package at the bottom is an entire kit of printable magnet paper.  Print whatever you want and then the kids at your Guided Reading table respond on their stove-top cover.

Going from 4th to 5th.

Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing Novel Unit

Grades 4-6

Grades 3-5 TAKEN by Emma

Grades 2-3 TAKEN by Kristen

Vocab Centers.  Some already done for you.

Word Magnets.  Perfect for a Poetry Center. TAKEN by Emma

Perfect for a Spelling Center. TAKEN by Deanna

Writing Centers.  Some already made for you.

Math Resources

Co-ordinate Grid Battleship.  Already laminated for you.  TAKEN by Jhonna

I know that no one uses overhead projectors anymore, but they are write-on/wipe-off with dry erase markers.  Coordinate grid art.

Coordinate Grid Game.  Laminated.  TAKEN by Jhonna

Not laminated yet.  TAKEN by Jhonna

2 sets of Fraction Dominoes.  TAKEN by Jhonna

Fraction Matching Game.  Laminated.  TAKEN by Reba

Leftovers (division) Game.  Laminated.

Math Centers.  Some already made for you.  TAKEN by Jhonna

Math Mats.  If you play dice games in your class, you MUST have these! TAKEN by Deanna

Solid Figures Dominoes

Surfing Fractions Matching Game TAKEN by Reba

Geography Resources


Grade 4 but could be used for almost any grade.

Grade 3 but could be used for almost any grade.

Global Game.

Pretty obvious what these are.  ;) TAKEN by Emma

Trivia Game.  Can obviously be played upside down.  Or not.  TAKEN by Reba

I have 3 of these.  2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and Ages 7-12.

Geography Centers.  Some have already been done for you.

Classroom Organization

Blue Shower Curtain.  Great for covering up things in the classroom.

Circle cutter.  TAKEN by Amanda

Set of 23 numbered clothespins.

Brightly colored tongue depressors.  Can be used for name sticks.  I used mine for intonation sticks for our vocabulary routine.

Giraffe-print shower curtain.  Again, great at covering up things. TAKEN by Kristen

Mardi Gras in a box.  Everything you need for a Mardi Gras party.  Book explains the history of MG.  CD of music.  Beads and masks for an entire class.  Even a few baby Jesus'.  TAKEN by Reba

Monkey print bag.  Perfect for a book bag in your classroom library. TAKEN by Reba

Fan from Panama.

Presentation Boards.  

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