Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Potty Training

Ok, first time mom. First time mom with a boy. I thought that I would have had Jack potty trained last summer. HA! First time mom. Jack flat-out refused. So, we tried again a few months later. Again, refusal.

Oh, I know that you are thinking, did you try this, did you try that? Oh yes, we tried. I did the chart thing with stickers. Whatever. I did the mini-m and m for sitting on the potty. Whatever. We read books about Fuzzy Bear going potty. We watched DVD's about Elmo going potty. Whatever. It was always a battle, and I had heard that you can't make it a power struggle.

So, this last Friday, I snapped. I had had enough of diapers. Besides, he was leaking through because he is just so big now (3 1/2 years). I told him firmly that there were going to be no more diapers. I am NOT buying any more.

He actually bought into it. Friday was pretty easy as we were at home and he could run around outside in underwear. He did have one accident outside, but outside is soooooooo easy to clean up. Hose!

Saturday was a little harder. We had a McDonald date with a friend. Another friend of mine (who has 4 kids) told me that you can't put that diaper back on. Even if that means they might have an accident and be embarrassed. She just suggested that I take an extra set of clothes and a towel with us in public. So smart. The inevitable happened at McD. At least the bench seat contained it all. I was so prepared! I whipped out my towel and plastic bag. I made Jack change himself as he needs to understand the consequences.

It worked because today is Tuesday and we have not had an accident since. We have been to the lake, park, Wal-Mart, restaurant, and other places with no accidents. And here is the kicker, he sleeps in the underwear for naptime and at night with NO ACCIDENTS!!!!

So, I am beginning to notice a pattern in Jack. When he was a baby, he did all the milestones on track. He rolled over. He sat up. But, he never crawled. We were getting worried and wondering why he couldn't (wouldn't) crawl. Then, one week before his first birthday, he just stood up and walked. Just stood up and walked! So stubborn. He didn't want to do it unless he could do it well.

The same thing held true for his speech. He never babbled. He had 3 words, mama, dada, and baba. His babysitter was really worried about his speech. We knew there was no problem with his hearing as he loved to dance. And then, just like the walking, one day, he started talking in full sentences. He was just stubborn until he could do it well.

Same thing (I think) with potty training. He was so stubborn about it. But now, it seems to be working. Yeah! But, I wonder what this means about other milestones in his life. hmmm a source of prayer to be sure.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beautiful Song

Great Neighborhood BBQ

I have told you a hundred times; I love living here. I not only have a great house, but I also have an excellent backyard/view, and the world's BEST neighbors!

We have this thing going with 3 other families where we get together on Friday nights to BBQ and let our kids play. Between the 4 families, we have 10 kids, all pretty close in age. We rotate houses every week and each backyard has a playset and fire pit. It's a lot of fun for the kids and fellowship for the adults.

Well, this week was supposed to be at my house, but two of the four families couldn't make it. Since I already had the food, the remaining two families decided to still have it. It just turns out that the other family lives two doors down.

While Deborah was out walking, she thought to invite our neighbors inbetween us to the BBQ. Then I thought, we should invite some other neighbors. And then, once you invite one set, you just get going and invite the whole street. Everyone came!

It was so nice. We sat around and ate for 3 hours while the kids played beautifully with each other. There was not one disagreement or argument. In fact, the nine-year-old played really well with the littles. We all had so much fun, we decided to set up our own revolving neighborhood BBQ circuit this summer.

I just know that God knew all this when our house didn't sell (both times). Thank You.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I like to move it

The boys watched "Madagascar 2" on the way back from Cali. The next morning, as we were cuddling in bed, they kept singing it.

Facebook Nickname thing

So, Facebook is doing this nickname thing. It helps people find your facebook page. If you are not on my facebook friends, you can find me there at http://www.facebook.com/rodriguezrockstars Pretty cool.

The Great CA Trip

Wow, did we have a fun, fast trip. Let me tell you all about it.

It started at 3am Thursday morning. I have made the trip before, by myself with the boys and I have learned that the best way is to get as far as you can while they sleep. Unfortunately, Josh woke up when I put him in the car, and he fussed a little getting back to sleep. The drive was smooth and uneventful. Really, that's what you want.

As I approached CA, I could actually see the line of smog. It is crazy how it just hangs around the Colorado River. Like it knows not to cross into AZ or something. As we approached LA, it got worse and it was so thick it looked like I could physically cut it with a knife. I don't miss that part of CA.

When we got to my parents house, I drove my mom around running errands, as she couldn't drive due to her surgery just days previously.

At dinner, I felt a little off. By the time we got home, I was really feeling bad. Turns out, I spent the whole night in the restroom, losing 10 pounds. I HATE the stomach flu!

The next morning I was dehydrated and tired. Yet, I had to pack all 5 of us into my van and drive us up the coast. I hurt so bad, I wanted to cry. And of course, we hit traffic. One set of traffic was a bomb squad screaming past us on the freeway. Bomb squad. They don't call it "La La Land" for nothing.

We got there 10 minutes before the party started. The party was nice. It was on the beach, just across the street from our resort. The food was good (thanks Gramps), the company was so nice, and the boys enjoyed the beach. But I was pooped! I went down to the sand with the boys, so they could play. Actually, it wasn't sand. It was little rocks. It was very comfortable. I laid down to rest, and the boys took advantage and put handfuls of rocks in my hair. I was picking out rocks days later. Thanks boys. A little later, we saw a pod of dolphins swimming and doing flips in the air. Jack was cracking up at the dolphins. Josh was too interested in the bird on the table. Funny.

The next day was graduation. I was so dreading this (sorry Crys, but I was). I was expecting to take one hour to drive in to the parking lot, sitting outside in the rain, sitting for 3 hours listening to boring speeches, not being able to see Crys' face, trying to keep the boys entertained for 3 hours, and taking one hour to drive out of the parking lot. It was NOTHING of the sort. San Luis Obispo is so smart. Instead of having one big graduation for all the students, they have many, smaller graduations throughout the day, at different venues. So smart. Her graduation was in a little ampitheatre, with parking just one minute away. There were only 50 graduates in her ceremony. We got to see her face. The speech was only 5 minutes long. And the best part, the whole shebang was only 30 minutes, and my boys actually sat through the whole thing! It was so pleasant.

The next day, we had to leave. The boys went down to the beach to play one last time. After breakfast, we played croquet and shuffleboard. The boys ran around on the golf course. Mostly, we just enjoyed family. I drove us back down the coast. About half-way home, the boys needed diaper changes and lunch. Instead of going to a boring rest stop, we went to a state beach. The minute I drove in, I remembered it. Back when it was just my mom and me, we used to take road trips. This one road trip, when I was 4, we camped out at a beach. I played in the shadow of a big bridge. I played with my plastic dinosaurs. I even remember meeting Austalian men and they gave us a boomerang. My mom still has it. Anyways, it was the same beach.

We made it home, after 6 hours in the car. Dad played with the boys while I did laundry and packed, yet again. And once again, at 3am, I was off. I made it well into AZ when the boys woke up. Thank God for DVD players. Seriously, I swore I would never have one in the car. I wanted my kids to look out the windows and enjoy the scenery. Yeah right. They are 3 and 2. They aren't enjoying the scenery. What scenery?!

We got home at noonish. Would you believe that over the whole trip, 8 1/2 hours there, 6 hours North, 6 hours South, and 8 1/2 hours back, total 29 hours in their carseats, Jack never fussed and Josh only fussed the first hour of the trip. 29 HOURS! I love my boys. They are so good.
It was so nice coming home. I am a mountain girl. I know that Cambria and the CA coast is so beautiful, but it's just not my style. I could feel my heart getting happier as I drove up the mountain. And then I was welcomed with greenery everywhere. Have you ever experienced summer in the mountains? Everything is green. Of course the evergreens are green. They are EVERgreens. But the oaks are green. The ferns are green. The quaking aspen are green (my fave). There is grass everywhere. There are wildflowers everywhere. Locals, have you noticed the purple flowers on the road in Pinetop? LOVELY! It is trully Winters Reward.

So, that is the trip. No exciting trips to Disneyland or visiting of good friends in Yosemite. I did however, get to eat at Carl's Jr, El Pollo Loco, and (my fave) In-n-Out. Mmmm.

Car Show

Every year, Show Low has a Car Show. They have people from all over the state (and some from out of state). I have taken the boys in years past, but I guess they were too young for it then. They sure enjoyed it this year.

As we walked around, they told me which cars they wanted pictures of. I think they have pretty good taste. This police car is actually from LA.

They also had fun stuff for the kids. Jack chose the train ride. I wish you could have seen his face. The camera doesn't do it justice.

Blog Coming Soon

So, you might be thinking, where is Susan? What is she up to? Where has her blog gone? I am here. But I was just over there. And I am typing right now, but before this, I wasn't typing. And the blog is still here. Actually, the new blog is in my head and I need to get it on the 'puter. And the pics are in the camera and I need to get them in the 'puter. And the videos are in the camera. You get the picture.
I promise to blog later and fill you in on all that has been going on. Thanks for checking up on us.

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