Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miraculous News

Want to hear some miraculous news? Joe has improved so much in one week. To think that one week ago, he had nauseating migraines due to his brain herniating that he couldn't stand and blacked out for 2 days. Now, he is off oxygen, he eats solid food, he takes meds orally, he uses the restroom, he WALKS, he talks, he remembers (most things), his kidney functions, and his brain maintains proper fluid levels! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I am honored to be married to such a valiant, strong man.

His brain drain has been removed and the neurosurgeon has signed off on him. He has determined that all this was caused by his anti-rejection meds. We have been cleared of any guilt or shame as to what we could have done to prevent this. Thank you Jesus for that gift.

OT and PT gave us the BEST NEWS EVER right now. When he is discharged, he can go straight home. No "go to the 24 hour rehab center" nor "stay here in a rehab center", but HOME. Since the brain drain was removed late today, they will probably keep and observe him until Saturday. Not sure on that part yet, but that's our best guess. It will be so good to be reunited with the boys. It's been so hard to have the 4 of us separated. They are such a joy to us and inspiration for Joe. Children are most definitely a blessing from the Lord.

He will have some restrictions when he gets home. Doc says he should be able to take the special driving test in about a month. Until then, no golf, fishing, chainsawing, weed whacking, painting on a ladder, chopping veggies while talking, etc.. He would benefit from friends and family popping in to say hi and chat for awhile.

Thank you all so very, very much. We were uplifted by your prayers (in person and from a distance). I was encouraged by your scriptures. There were moments of physical weakness and that's when darkness whispers in my ear. Your scripture was ALWAYS spot on for what I needed to hear. Thank you for heeding that prompting. May I be a blessing to you as you were to me.

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