Friday, May 23, 2014

The Results From My First Year of National Board Certification

Two years ago, I climbed a mountain.  I knew it would be hard.  I knew it would bring me to tears.  I also knew it would be worth it.

Two years ago, I started my journey towards National Board Certification.  I can honestly say it was the hardest year of my ten-year teaching career.  It was also the most worthwhile.  As I critiqued my practice daily, I grew as a teacher.  I reflected and adjusted constantly.

Even though it was by far the hardest thing I had ever done, I climbed higher and higher.  I knew that I had to reach 275, but I didn't know how high I had actually climbed.  See, I climbed so high, I climbed into the clouds.

When the due date came, I sat along the trail.  Still in the clouds, I didn't know if I had reached the summit.  Until November last year.

The clouds parted last November and I could see the summit.

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I missed it by 14.  Fourteen out of 275.  That is approximately 5%.  So close.  So, so close.  I thought I would be devastated when I found out that I had missed the summit.  But, amazingly, I wasn't.  I know how hard I worked that year.  I know that it was all worth it when I look back on my students and their growth.  I also know that I have two more attempts to achieve National Board Certification.


I just finished my second year of National Board Certification work.  I climbed higher still into the clouds.  Closer and closer to the summit.  I sit again a midst the clouds.  Waiting.

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