Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Time

It's not about us.  Well, it's never really been about us.  It's always been HIS story.  We were merely the characters.

But, it's not our time to receive and take.  It's our time to give back.

As we sat in the waiting room, we saw the look of various stages of waiting, wondering, worrying.

We sat near one such waiter.  She started to tell us her story.  She has been a strong caregiver for years.  She has been the rock, taking care of daily functions.  The rock during multiple surgeries.  Multiple days, weeks, months in such hospitals.  And then it happened.

She started to sob.  She let it all out.

Joe and I looked at each other and immediately got up to embrace her.  We showered her with kind words and scriptures.  I told her I love her.  I don't even know her name but I know her pain.

As Joe and I walked out of the hospital, we looked at each other again.  We realized that it's no longer about us.  This is our time to give back.

where Glory meets my suffering