Monday, May 27, 2013

Huffin' and Puffin'

And thus starts the final upward climb.  I have less than 5 days until all my National Board writing projects are due.  Although I have worked diligently all year, videotaping, collecting work samples, writing rough drafts, it is now that it all comes together (hopefully).  I have likened this journey to a long hike.  And just as you near the crest, the trail gets steeper.  Hikers call this the "huff and puff".  Friends, I will be huffing and puffing until Friday at midnight.   If you have a personal message for me, please DO send that, especially if it's encouraging.  My prayer through this whole process has been: Lord, bless the work of my hands.  Not for my glory, but Yours.  I would like to add this plea: please multiply my time and help me stay focused.  Your servant........Susan out.

where Glory meets my suffering