Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daniel Fast: Day 7

This is Day 7 of a series of posts on the Daniel Fast.
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Today, my word is "force of habit".  Ok, so it's actually 3 words, but you get the idea.

I am realizing how much food I put in my body is purely by force of habit.  I am so thankful for this fast, to show me this insight and to make me think more about what I do subconsciously.

As I was pouring cereal for the boys, a square missed the bowl and landed on the island.  I instinctively picked it up.  When it was half way to my mouth, I stopped.  What am I doing?!  I put it back into Jack's bowl.  Interesting.  I never realized that I had that habit.

I was making pasta for dinner and got to the part when I would normally start checking to see if the noodles were aldente.  But, I realized that I can't eat it.  I was not about to throw pasta up against my wall, so I had to ask Jack to test it for me.  Strange feeling, cooking and not knowing how it tastes.

At dinner, the boys didn't finish all their food.  I was just about to say that I would finish it, when I realized that I can't on the fast.  Again, strange feeling to realize that I eat their food only because I hate to waste food.  The food was actually wasted the minute I put too much on their plate.  I am not a human garbage disposal.  I think this will be one habit that I will not return to.

Finally, after a long (longer than planned) hike, I made ice-cream cones for the boys.  Some ice cream had dripped on my finger as I was scooping.  Yes, this is the same ice-cream that tempted me from the freezer on Day 3.  By habit, I licked the ice-cream running down my finger.  And I froze.  I just broke my fast.  Just like that.  Seven days of being so careful and intentional.  Seven days of cleansing and letting God work through everything.  Dang habits!

My friend asked if I would continue the fast.  I said yes, as it was intentional that I licked ice-cream.  I want to continue as I don't want to diminish God's work in me and through me.  Which leads me to.......

where Glory meets my suffering