Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daniel Fast: Day 3

This is Day 3 of a series of posts on the Daniel Fast.
Day 1

Day 2

The word for today: temptation.

The whole point of a fast is to focus on a spiritual goal.  You spend more time praying, reading, meditating.  When you hunger or are tempted, you call out to God.  BEFORE you are tempted, you call out to God.  This was my day.

My husband received an amazing gift last year.  He was given a kidney, so that he may live.  He has been doing great and even just had a doctor's visit.  The body loves the new kidney.  However, he must still take immuno-suppressant drugs so his body doesn't reject the kidney.  To combat the low immunity, he also has to take a special flu-fighting pill.  It's a delicate balance.  Well, he ran out of the flu-fighting pill and missed one dose.  That's all it took.  Down he went.  Up IT went.  Vomiting, chills, body-aches.  All night.  Which meant I also got no sleep.  I'm not complaining and I'm not making this all about me; simply setting the stage for my temptation.

When we woke up (is it "woke up" if you never really fell asleep?), he was still achy wanted Tylenol.  We ran out just the day before.  So, I drove to our nearest store that would have it and be open at 5 am: Circle K.  If you have never had Circle K coffee, you are missing out.  I know.  I know.  It's Circle K.  But seriously people. It's good.  I knew I would be tempted.  The smell.  My routine of going in and getting a cup.  All that, PLUS the sleepless night!  I could rationalize that I needed it to stay sharp.  Joe needed me to take care of him and I'm not a good caregiver while tired.  Instead, I prayed for help with my temptation.

Before I even stepped foot inside, I smelled heaven coffee.  I made myself not even LOOK at the coffee.  After paying and getting back in my van, I promise you that I could still smell the coffee.  But I resisted temptation and relied on God.

The same was true at work.  My co-worker makes coffee for us every morning.  Normally, I get the first cup.  I told him what I was doing and that I wouldn't be drinking any for 10 days.  I forgot to tell the aroma.  It still wafts down the hall, into my classroom.  It would be so easy.  But no.

On Wednesday afternoons, the students go home early and the teachers have Professional Development in the library.  For 7 years, I have run to the corner market and bought a HUGE 44 ounce soda.  Every Wednesday for 7 years.  Imagine how hard it was to sit in the meeting without my soda, surrounded by others with their condensation-dripping, syprupy-sweet sodas.  I added extra lemon to my water bottle so I wouldn't be tempted. I was tempted, but I still stayed strong.

This week, our PD was very short.  Instead, we celebrated 4 pregnancies/births.  With cake.  With TWO cakes.  Friendly teachers tried to give me a piece, but I chomped on my almonds.  Not quite the same.

It ended with dessert that night.  Do you remember those cartoons where a hungry person imagines the person standing next to them is a walking steak or a walking roasted chicken?  It's true!  Every night, we make a little coffee (did I tell you how much I like coffee?) and have a little dessert.  Joe made coffee for himself (he was feeling better) and I was tempted as I smelled it.  I opened the freezer to put more ice in my water and I swear I saw a face in the freezer.  I saw two eyes and a mouth and it said, "eat me".  Seriously.  I slammed the door shut.  When I reopened the door, a brand new ice cream was staring at me.

I'm happy to report that God kept me strong all day.

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