Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nothing Compares

She was just doing her job.  Walking through Curry Village.  Looking for ways to help people and keep them safe.  She heard a chorus of voices coming from the amphitheater.  As she approached, she could tell it was a worship song.  She sat in the back row of the empty amphitheater to listen to the youth group sing.

At the time, she thought she would probably be single forever.  She cried in the last row, letting the lyrics consume her.  She looked up to Glacier Point as they sang "mountains bow down", imagining what it would look like on that day.  That day that has been promised us.

When the song was over, she arose and went about her day; her life.

"Forever I'll love you"

Two years later, she sang that song again.  This time, standing next to her love.  Standing in front of friends and family as witnesses.  God had promised her that if she delighted herself in Him, He would give her the desires of her heart.  A husband.

"My comfort, my shelter"

Ten years down the road (or up the mountain), he lay in a hospital bed.  She sat beside him, writing down his wishes.  He told her the song he wanted played at his celebration of life.  "Let every breath, all that I am, Never cease to worship You."

Today, they sat worshiping Him.  Her love sat next to her.  Healthy.  Born anew.  Her lap was overflowing with the fruit of their love.  And she cried.

"Nothing compares to the promise I have in You."

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