Sunday, October 7, 2012

Click- part two

I say "cop", but honestly without my glasses to really see, it could have been police, sheriff, security, or armored transport.  Seriously.  My vision is 20/600 (I see at twenty feet, what normal people see at 600 feet).  It's basically just shapes and colors.  But, at 3 a.m., there isn't much color.
I quickly realize how this must appear to them.  A car alarm was just going off.  I am now walking around.  Alone.  The only human awake.  

Focus, Susan.  What did that cop just say?  "Fire alarm?"
"Did you hear a CAR alarm?" 
"Um, yeah.  It came from that direction," I say pointing in some direction away from me.

The three cop cars peel out in that nondescript direction.

  I step into the bathroom, which is about one degree above freezing.  The seat, one degree below.

Against my best efforts, I am starting to wake up.  The wheels are clicking into place.

Three cop cars showed up at three a.m.  Cortez is a small town, not unlike our own.  I don't think we have ONE deputy on duty at 3 a.m., let alone THREE.  Wow, they take security seriously here.

I put my hands under the flow of super cold water.  How are these not ice cubes right now?  The cold water wakes me up a little more.  The car alarm hadn't been off for more than 90 seconds when the squad cars came peeling up the drive.  How did they get here so fast?

Who would have called 911 anyway, over a car alarm?  I'm pretty sure I know how it went down.  Someone got cold and went out to their vehicle to get a blanket or jacket.  They didn't realize their wife had set the car alarm.  HONK!...HONK!  They try in vain to find the car keys, buried under backpacks and yesterday's clothes.  

I step out of the restroom.  I think the temperature has dropped 5 degrees while I was in there.  I stumble back to the camper, determined not to wake up.  I notice three sets of headlights are circling all the loops.  

Seriously, guys. It was a car alarm.  In a campground.  It's not a bank alarm on Wall Street.  Boy, they take security seriously here.

So, how did they get here so fast anyway?ZOOOOOOM!  One of the squad cars just almost hit me as I stumble back to the camper.  Wake up, Susan!

Great, now I'm awake.  I have nothing else to do but lie in bed, freeze, and contemplate how and why in the heck these three cops showed up for a car alarm.  
This is what my half-frozen, half-asleep brain came up with:
They had to have been close by and heard it themselves.  But where?  The nature trail that we took last night had a little parking lot near the lake.  I think the three of them were hanging out there, bored to death, wanting adventure, when they heard the sound of the alarm carry across the lake.  

Conclusion: Either they really take security seriously or they are bored to death and wanted some excitement.  They must have "adventure" stamped across their forehead too.

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