Sunday, October 7, 2012

Click- part one

Ug, someone's HONK! car alarm is HONK! going off.  HONK!
I look at the phone.  HONK!  Three a.m.  Well, HONK! 
I have to go to HONK! the bathroom anyway.

Joe asks if that is our van.  HONK!  I say, "No, our's goes HONK, HONK...HONK, HONK".

I pull on my red hoodie and stumble with half-frozen legs out of the camper.  
I decide not to put my glasses on, because I have a theory: if my eyes focus, I will fully wake up.  
If they don't focus, I won't fully wake up and thus can go right back to sleep.

This little red riding hood, with blonde waves peaking out from under her hood, makes her way to the restroom.  

I hear a vehicle coming up the drive.  Hm, someone is arriving late.
My brain is slowly starting to turn the wheels into gear.

A few more groggy steps and I realize it's actually three vehicles.  Click.

Hm, a caravan of three vehicles is arriving late.

A few more frozen steps when I realize the vehicles are driving WAAAY faster than the prescribed 5 mph.  Click. 

I am now in the middle of the drive, when I see that the vehicles have split up.  One is coming around the restroom from the left, and the other two from the right.  Strange.  Click.

I can't see much, but I drowsily look back at the vehicles, as if my facial expression could convey "what the heck?  Slow down buddy!"  And that's when I can make out the outline of a lightbar on top of the highly reflective vehicle.  Click.

I turn back around forward, and the first vehicle is blocking me, the other two have now come to a stop behind me.  Click!

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