Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Adventure Day in Greer

You can probably tell from recent posts that we just love spending time together as a family.  We have always enjoyed traveling but couldn't while Joe was sick.  Now that he is feeling so much better, we have been wanting to hike and camp and travel and...........the list just goes on.

We knew we wanted to go on an adventure, but weren't sure where to go.  Actually, those always turn out to be the best trips.  As we were driving past the Greer turn-off, I suggested we try Greer.  Such a good time.

We never even knew this trail was there.
This area was devastated by fire last year.
Some trail markers survived the fire.
Fire licked this sign.
Jack found this skeleton.
New life.
The metal signs survived the fire. Jack wanted to read each one.
A fresh spring in the middle of the hike.
I tried to get a pic of Josh playing in the dirt, but he stood up right before I took the pic.

Jumping across the stream.
Made it!
I was so happy to see all the lush growth after the fire.

Joe playing around with the boys' hat.

Took another hike at Big Lake.  Had to cut that one short due to lightning.

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