Monday, September 3, 2012

Family of Adventure

We are a family of adventure.  Oh, what an adventure this last year has been!  Sometimes it feels very surreal.  I typed "adventure" into my search box on the blog (top left corner) and came up with over a dozen posts where we had adventures of various sorts.  Memories.

Joe and I are big advocates for unplanned adventures.  When we were first married, we would often get into the car on the weekends and just start driving; not knowing where we were going.  Those were the. best. trips!  In fact, our little adventure to El Paso via Arizona led us through Show Low.  We fell in love with the cute town and dreamed about living here one day.

While Joe was sick this last year, we had to curb our adventures (God had a different kind of adventure in mind for us).  Keeping Joe healthy and alive took pretty much all our effort.  We thought about traveling.  We dreamed.  But, we couldn't with his dialysis schedule, migraines, and tight finances.

Since the transplant, Joe has steadily improved.  He gets stronger daily.  In fact, he moves so fast, he makes me look like a slug!  Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

Labor Day weekend is a four-day weekend for the boys and me.  We talked about going camping and fishing somewhere, but Josh and I were feeling kinda icky.  Josh stopped eating and I just tried to ignore the stabbing razors in my throat everytime I swallowed.  After two days of it not going away, I got worried that we might actually have something and I didn't want Joe to get it.  One trip to the doctor later, Josh and I have antibiotics for our strep throat.  Highly contagious.  Doc (most amazing doc ever) swabbed Joe's throat too just to make sure.  No trace.  Praise God!  Just one day later, both Josh and I were back to ourselves and ready for adventure.

But where to go?  It was our last day of vacay.  We had taken Jack to Petrified Forest when he was 9 months old.  (Gasp) I am so shocked he doesn't remember it.  If you haven't been, put it on your list.  I might be tempted to say it's better than Grand Canyon.

They got their Junior Ranger books.  I love the Junior Ranger program and hope the boys don't outgrow it for a long, long time.

Ranger Jack (no really, that's his name) gave us a presentation on how the petrified rocks came to be.  He passed around fossils.  The boys were so into it, that when Ranger Jack took the presentation outside, the boys wanted to follow.  Joe wanted to watch the movie of how the rocks were formed.  The boys got so antsy in the theatre.  "Mom, we're going to miss what he says!"  "What if he tells us something about our Junior Ranger book?"  We walked out on the movie and caught up with Ranger Jack.  They were so relieved that he was still on his first stop on the tour and they hadn't missed much.  They know that we are not supposed to take any rocks out of the park.  When they saw an ant carrying a crumb or a very small rock, they yelled at the ant!  They were excitedly telling me that the ant was taking the rock!  Geez, they take this stuff seriously.

Well, not too seriously.  Don't ask me why their hands are up in every pic.  It's their thing.  I used to stick out my tongue in every pic growing up.  They scream and put their hands up.
Josh swears he found a dinosaur tooth.  See it?  In his hand?  Um, honey, I think their teeth were bigger than that.  He looked so hard to find a fossil.

There have been a few times when I have seen something and it looks like we are on a different continent.  Not that I have ever been on a different continent, but I've seen pictures.  Today, we felt like we were on a different planet.  Not that we have ever been on a different planet, but we've seen pictures.  :)  The trail at Blue Mesa transports you to Mars.  My pictures don't do it justice.  Click on their professional photo gallery.    Better yet, go there!  We were there for 7 hours and we still didn't see everything.

It was a great day of adventure.  Can't wait for the next.........

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