Monday, September 10, 2012

All Aboard!!!!!!!!!!

My boys love trains.  I honestly thought they would have outgrown trains years ago.  But, if you see their face light up when they see a train, you know it's still very special for them.

I recently heard of a railroad park in the Phoenix area.  Seriously?  A railroad park?  I was expecting some old trains, mired in cement.  Um, no.  You HAVE to check out this place.

Standing in the observation tower.
Playing with Thomas in the store.
If you zoom in, I think this cartoon says it all.
The little ice cream shop had a train running around the ceiling.
All aboard!
It was pretty neat to see the engine when we rounded the curve.
Having fun at the playground.
Bank robbers.
I love their paintings.  Made it feel very realistic.
Very clever painting.
I can almost reach it.
Hiding out.
Have to admit, it was pretty cool down there.
Interesting sculpture in the model train building.
Huge model train museum.
The kids can see right down into the action.
They excitedly told me that they had been there!
How appropriate.
He's still  a little boy.  A very happy, little boy.

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