Friday, August 3, 2012

T+24: Too Amazing for Words

"My incision is bleeding."

I bolt upright in bed, clutching the cell phone.

"I woke up and there's blood all over the sheets.  My incision is bleeding."

My heart sunk.  Is he getting an infection?  Is his body rejecting the kidney?  This can't be.  All the test results have come back so positive.

As you know, Joe has a HUGE, ugly hematoma under his incision, where they placed the new kidney.  The doctors at Mayo have been very thorough with the hematoma.  They ordered an ultrasound immediately.  They check it multiple times per week.  They have called in the transplant experts to look at it.  They all said that it is large, but it has zero signs of infection and opening the wonderful, perfect incision would actually lead to more chance of infection.  They said it will be uncomfortable but his body will reabsorb it within a few weeks.  He would have to wait it out.

He was already scheduled for a routine visit, so Joe showed the doctor the bandages that he had bled through.  The doctor examined it and gave us the best possible news.

His body was draining the excess blood from the hematoma.  Best case scenario.  His body is doing what it should be doing.  All without any of us interfering.  In fact, all of Joe's test results have come back so good that the doc gave him a clean bill of health discharge.  As in, "you-can-go-home" discharge.

Too Amazing For Words.

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