Sunday, August 12, 2012

Support Our Supporters: Integrated Bodywork

Support Our Supporters

Support Our Supporters is a series designed to highlight the local businesses who contributed to our fundraising efforts.

Some people just have a natural talent.  They have healing hands.  Melissa Graves, owner of Integrated Bodywork: Therapeutic Massage and Yoga is one of them.  

Although she had a successful career in "Officeland", Melissa knew she wanted to help people directly.  She left her job and started her own business and she has never looked back.  Her business is blooming in the White Mountains.  In fact, Melissa is so good at healing with her hands, she is recommended by Summit Hospital.  That is how we met; sort of.

I have worked with Melissa's husband, Jeff, for a number of years.  I met his lovely wife a few years back at church, but I never knew what she did for a living.  They had been following our story, were praying for us, and offered to help in any way they could; meals, snow-shoveling, the like.  I sort of just tucked it in the back of my mind.  Well, when Joe went in to the hospital in January, his sister wanted to get a massage for him.  She asked the hospital for any recommendations.  They gave her the number to Integrated Bodywork.  She called, set up the appointment, and Joe went.  As Melissa was working on Joe, they were talking about his condition and the surgery.  Finally, she put it all together.  This was the man she had been praying for!

I have been to Melissa twice since.  Once right after all the fundraising (whew, that is a lot of work) and once right before the transplant.  I can't stress enough how healing her hands are.

I have been to other masseuses in the past.  I have always felt uncomfortable.  Fake.  Not so with Melissa.  I was immediately impressed with how comfortable she made me feel.  When her hands touched me, I honestly felt like water.  Sometimes, she was a big wave, rushing down my legs.  Other times, she was a sprinkling rain, trickling down my back.  I almost fell asleep, and yes, I did drool (so embarrassing).

If you are looking for a good masseuse or for a wonderful gift for a loved one, please call Melissa at 928-242-4967.  She heals massages in her home (or yours).  I can't think of a better gift.  

Thank you Melissa for listening to God's calling in your life and using it to heal others.  Blessings to you!

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