Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Joe: The Bedwetter

Joe has a childhood friend who is notorious for practical jokes.  Seriously, it's amazing this guy hasn't been arrested or beat up.  His imagination knows no bounds.  Those of you who knew Joe growing up know exactly who I am talking about right now.  You're probably muttering his name between gritted teeth because chances are, he's gotten you too.  I for one, will never forget how he handcuffed Joe, stripped him down to his chonies, streaked hair off his legs with Nair, wrote messages to me in Sharpie on Joe's naked body, and made him go outside the hotel.  the.  night.  before.  our.  wedding.  When the cops drove by.  David!

Anyways.  He just can't resist a good joke.  So, while he was taking care of Joe on his last week at the Transplant House, he just had to do something.  He also had an accomplice (Michael!).  Here's how it went down:

Joe was outside, chatting on the phone.  When he came back inside, he found a package near his bedroom door.  It had his name on it, so he opened it.  It was a huge diaper pad that you put on your bed, to protect against bedwetting.

Joe asked everyone in the house where this package came from.  They claimed it came from the office.  Someone delivered it and said it was for Joe.  Joe protested that he didn't have that kind of problem.  He wondered why the office thought he did.  He tried to shrug it off, but it kept eating him up.  Finally, he decided to go down to the office and tell them he doesn't have that kind of problem.

Of course, Michael and David wanted to tag along so they could see their expression in the office.  They made lame excuses like getting their mail or seeing the community center.  Joe didn't want them hanging around when he had this private conversation.

Joe went to the office and the two friends snuck in behind him.  As you watch this video, this is just when Joe is whispering to Sky that he "doesn't have that kind of problem."  Sky is not in on the joke and is trying to be professional, all the while not knowing why in the world Joe is telling him that he doesn't wet his bed.

Turn your volume up to hear Joe whispering.

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