Friday, August 10, 2012


There we were.  The three of us.  Wrapped up in our busy lives.  Engulfed in the business of BUSYness.  And then it hit us.  We're incomplete without him.

The boys and I are trying to return to a normal life.  Not sure exactly what that is.  Been so long since we've had it.  Or did we ever really have it?

They started school, which means I also started school.  Single working mom chores engulf most of my day:
Get myself ready for work
Get the boys ready for school
Work (for waaaaaaaaaaay too long)
Make dinner
Clean up dinner (seriously?  It took me HOW LONG to make it yet only 10 minutes to eat it?)
Sorting laundry

And that's when it hit.  That's when I found it.  I actually smelled it well before I saw it and pulled it out and recognized it for what it was.

To anyone else, it would just appear to be a shirt.  But to us, it was Daddy.  It still smelled like him.

I immediately brushed it up against my cheek and took a long draw.

The boys knew something was up, as I was in mid-sentence when the world stopped I found the shirt.  They rushed over and asked, "Is that Daddy's?"

As I lay here in bed, dirty shirt tucked in next to me, I realize just how incomplete we are without him.  Come home soon, Baby.  We're running out of laundry.

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