Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Are the Boys Up To?

Since Joe is on immuno-suppressants, he is quarantined for awhile.  We are living in the Transplant House (casita #7) with 2 other recent transplant patients and their caregivers.  No visitors are allowed in the house and children are not allowed anywhere close to the hospital.  We knew this as we prepared and Joe's sisters stepped up and offered to watch them for us.

Angie started the shift.  The boys had fun with her.  She let them sleep in our bed the night before the surgery and the night after.  One neighbor picked up the boys a few times and took them to the country club pool (thanks Janine!).  Another neighbor picked up the boys and took them to the McDonald's playland (thanks Donna!). 

Right now, the boys are in El Paso.  Pat has been having fun with the boys.  Yesterday, they went to the El Paso Zoo.  It's a great zoo.  We took the boys there 5 years ago.  Funny, they don't remember it.  :) 

Don't they just look like they are having a blast?!  She took them to church today and said they made new friends.  Do you think they even miss us?  I didn't realize they would have so much fun.  Before we left, I set up a cute countdown system for them.  (disclaimer: I did not think of it on my own.  I got the idea from Pinterest) 

From the picture, you can see that the balloons are dated.  They are filled with little treasure hunts around the house (I hid the loot before we left).  I also have money in some balloons.  They will get to go to the movies, go-carts, bowling, library, McDonald's, and do art projects. 

Carmen is the next to take over.  She has a ton of art projects planned, including a welcome-home banner.  I am so happy my boys are having a blast and are able to make the most of what could have been a difficult summer.  Thanks hermanas!

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