Thursday, July 12, 2012

T+2: Joe is Doing Great!

Oh, the days just seem to go so fast.  Joe has progressed so much since Tuesday night.  When he came out of surgery, he had 8 tubes coming out of him.  They were hooked up to various IVs and monitors.  As of right now, he is only hooked up to one tube!

He began sitting up right away on T+1.  He refused to lay (or is it "lie"? I can never remember) in bed.  He also began walking laps around the nurses station, just dragging his IV pole with him. 

This morning, he had already "showered" with wipies by the time I got there.  He had asked if I could bring his gel, razor, and sunglasses.  That's a good sign.

He has not been nauseous since T+1 in the a.m.  He has been eating solid food since yesterday.  The doctors say that his incision is one of the best ever.  He is healing so well and so quickly that they are almost certain he will be discharged tomorrow. 

So, what has he done today to pass the time?

  • Consultations: This by far took up the most time.  We had everything from transplant coordinators, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, chaplain, nutritionists, even the "book cart guy" (I'm sure he has an official title, but you get the idea).  At one point, we had EIGHT doctors and nurses in here at one time.  With Joe and I, that made TEN people in the room!  Very good attention.  We finally had to say, "please stop all non-essential consults for two hours.  Joe needed a nap."
  • Visiting with Kris: Joe and Kris met up in the atrium to compare scars and ask how each other was doing.  Kris was discharged at noonish.  She's resting up at the Residence Inn on campus.
  • Visiting with other patients: Joe is just so friendly.  He would walk around and talk to other patients.  He tried to encourage them.  He even encouraged their family members.  We just got back from a walk where we saw a young boy sitting by himself.  Joe started to talk to him.  The boy was having a hard time communicating, so Joe asked, "habla espanol?"  Si.  The boy went on to tell him that they are from Mexico and his dad just had a tumor removed from his head.  Joe encouraged him, in his own language.  Seriously, people.  I'm married to this guy!

  • Date Night: Oh yeah, baby.  Oh yeah.  Dinner and a movie.  His dinner was room service and mine was A La Cafeteria.  Oooh la la.  Movie was Video On Demand.  Even better than a movie theatre, we snuggled in his hospital bed. 
  • Movie Making: Joe made a video for the boys. 

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