Monday, July 2, 2012

T-8: This is Harder Than it Looks

This is so much harder than it looks.  Joe and I are both exhausted to the point of breaking down into tears.  What happened? you ask.

Apparently, we committed assumicide.  We assumed that since the Mayo Clinic did not call us back that Joe was clear of the infection.  Wrong.  They called today.  He still has the infection, with only 8 days to go until the transplant.  The doctor prescribed a fast-acting antibiotic.  Joe went to Wal-Mart to pick it up.  After waiting the mandatory hour, they said they didn't have his prescription.  He had to drive back to the dialysis unit.  They told him that Mayo has to call it in.  He called Mayo.  They said the dialysis unit has to call it in.  Really?!  Finally, someone got the message and called it in.  He drove back to Wal-Mart and waited the one hour AGAIN.  After the obligatory hour, they informed him that it would cost $120.  Excuse me, what?  They said we don't have insurance.  Seriously?!  Um, yeah.  I like pay $550 per month for insurance for my family.  (Sorry if you are picking up on the sarcastic tones).  Joe had to call me for my social, birthdate, place of work, phone number, etc.  He normally knows all this stuff, but it was right after dialysis and I'm surprised he was even standing.  Turns out, our district switched insurance companies today.  Eight days before the transplant.  I can't even devote a corner of my brain to think of that involves and how that will affect us (will they cover the surgery? will our deductible start over?).  Finally, three hours after dialysis, Joe was able to drive home from Wal-Mart, prescription in hand.

All this might seem inconsequential to you.  And it probably is.  However, just like a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy, we are exhausted.  Joe doesn't sleep, which pretty much means I don't sleep well (I still get some shut-eye).  We don't have energy for social graces.  We find ourselves short tempered at times, but good thing the boys are pretty much well-mannered.  Joe has migraines and is having a hard time keeping food down.

We did get good news though.  If you were praying with us, you will know that we needed lodging while there for 4-6 weeks.  We did secure alternative lodging.  Praise God.  We called the Transplant House and they told us that we are on the wait list and there are a few people ahead of us.  God provided something else (and actually nicer).

Please continue to pray.  We still have a few more hurdles.  We know that none of this would be possible without the body of Christ holding us up throughout this journey.  Thank you for being the hands and feet.

Update:::::: an angel came to our door tonight.  We are filled with questions, and who better to answer them but someone who went through the same surgery.  Our neighbor needed a kidney three years ago and his wife was a perfect match.  They have been a source of inspiration a number of times.  Terry just filled us with hope and peace.  Once again, so blessed to live here.

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