Monday, July 23, 2012

Set Apart

When the two hikers were ascending the peak, they imagined green meadows on the other side.  Once they overcame and were triumphant, they looked over the land that stretched before them.  Instead of lush mountainside, they saw only a desert. 

We are in that desert now.  It's not that God has deserted us (yes, pun intended).  It's just that we are devoid of everyday distractions that can take our eyes and hearts off God.  We are being set apart right now. 

Joe has been given new life.  There is a transformation in a person who comes so close to death and then is saved.  The question resonates "what do I do with this new life?"  He is searching that out now.  He is writing his testimony in order to share with others.

I am in the desert too.  I have been presented with two ministry options.  Do I take both, one, none?  These are questions only God can answer. 

Please pray with us for direction. 

where Glory meets my suffering