Monday, June 25, 2012

They just love me for my swing.

At T-15, I realize that my most recent posts have been sort of heavy.  This post will make you laugh.  Read all the way to the end. 

A few weeks ago, we were gifted with a very nice patio swing.  It holds three (or 4) people and can even lay flat.  The intention is so Joe can rest outside and get fresh air.  It's very comfy.  It's also the talk of the town.  My friends just love me for my swing :)
  • Amy: I sleep sooooo good in the rain!
  • Amanda:  I know...Susan got a new porch swing and it lays down...I keep wanting to go take a nap over there.
  • Amy: lol. You know they're out of town now! Here's your chance! haha.
  • Amanda: She said if it's missing when they get back they will know where to look...
  • Amy: haha. You don't have to steal it. Just go to their house and USE it! haha.
    Take your awesome blanket, and a fluffy pillow... and make some tea or hot cocoa... and just swiiiiiiiiing.....If you don't, I might, because that sounds amazing! haha.
  • Amanda: I know it does...I think it would be funnier if you did it, because if Josh and Jenn show up to work on the house, they know me, but you are a complete stranger.
    Although, even though I know them it would still be incredibly awkward.
  • Amy: haha!  Only if you promise to explain it to the cops they call.
    You're my first contact when they try to have me locked up!
  • Amanda: We could just be like, well, I know they are out of town, but they don't mind us using their porch swing.  Amy Who?
  • Amy: lol
  • Amanda:  If you're locked up, I don't have to fight you for the swing!
  • Amy: that's true... I could be your distraction!  While they're busy with ME... you'll have peace on the swing
  • Amanda: Yep!
  • Amy: I'd do that for you. Because I'm THAT kind of friend!
  • Amanda: Haha.  It would work out for you too...If you're locked up, you don't have to work.
  • Amy: And I can take a day off to do literally NOTHING!!!
  • Amanda: Not even clean your house!
  • Amy: Headline reads: Local business woman steals 'swing' time while friends are away...

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