Wednesday, June 20, 2012

T minus 20

The countdown is on and we are 20 days away from THE TRANSPLANT.  Yippee!  Even though Joe goes to dialysis 3 times per week, his body is still filling with toxins.  His kidneys only function at 11% y'all.  I can't even imagine getting out of bed at 11%.  But, he's a trooper.  He still plays with the boys.  He cooks dinner.  He straightens the living room (which is in an ever-messy state with the boys).  Yet, I know he's not doing well.  I can take one look at his face and know he's not feeling well.  He's trying to hide it, but after 12 years together, you notice these things.

At T-20 (twenty days until transplant), you would think that we are uber excited with anticipation.  However, Joe has a bad kidney infection.  He has had it for over a month.  He has had an antibiotic shot and a full round of antibiotics.  The doctor called and said they found 3 forms of bacteria in his urine and he is still having the same problems even after the antibiotics.  He goes in for final testing on T-14 (in 6 days).  They won't do the transplant if he even has so much as a common cold, let alone a kidney infection with 3 forms of bacteria.


But we serve a mighty God.  I ask that you join me in prayer that God would heal Joe of this kidney infection and keep all other infections at bay.   I know He can do it.  He created earth and all living things in 6 days, surely He can heal Joe of this infirmary in 6 days.  May the glory go to God.  Not the doctors, because they have tried.  We are thankful for them and for modern medicine.  But, may God get the glory for the whole transplant and healing.  

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