Thursday, June 28, 2012

T-12: Do You Remember When....?

Many of you have asked what you can do to help.  Thank you so much.  We are touched by how many of you have written words of encouragement.  It helps.  It really does.

On Tuesday, we went down to see the doctors for one last visit before the surgery.  They gave us so much information that we were overwhelmed at first.  We had to take time to process it all and sort it all out.  But now, it is beginning to sink in. 

Since Joe will be in ICU following the transplant, he will not be allowed to have visitors.  Sorry.  I know that some of you live in the Phoenix area and wanted to visit, but no-go.  The doctor said that because he will be on immunosuppressants, he cannot have contact with the outside world.  Only one-caregiver; me. 

For the same reasons, he cannot have flowers/plants.  Not that Joe is a huge flower person anyway, but just in case you thought it would be a nice gesture.  No flowers.  The doctor did say that he could have silk flowers, but again, Joe's not that into flowers and it wouldn't really bring him joy.

What does bring him joy is reminiscing.  He loves to look at old pics and tell me where you were and what you were doing.  He has an amazing memory.  He will show me a pic with peaks in the background.  He will tell me the name of the pass, the elevation, and what happened on that hike.  It usually goes something like this:

"A bear ate our food so we had to eat trout until our next food drop."

"When we descended Whitney, we only had $2.  So, we bought a lottery ticket, won, and ate like kings at Subway."

Some of you are laughing right now because you too have heard these stories.  I never tire of them as Joe's whole countenance changes while he tells the story.  I love him so much (kind of goes without saying, but just feeling so much love for him lately). 

Our local hospital has a slogan:  Get better and get back to what you love.  The accompanying pic is of two hikers sitting on a mountaintop.  Very apropos.  If you know Joe, you know he loves hiking and fishing.  He wants to take the boys to the Sierras so badly.

So, what can you do?  You can help him reminisce about the good ol' days and help him get better, so he can get back to what he loves.  Maybe you have pics of hikes you two took together.  Maybe you have stories of adventures.  Or maybe you have met Joe in the latter years and he wasn't feeling well enough to hike or have adventures.  You could send Scriptures. 

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Pinned from Elizabeth Schow Bellanca

I would like to make a "book" like this for Joe.  It could be store-bought cards, but Joe wouldn't mind if it was notebook paper.  Scrapbook paper.  A napkin.  Send me pics, your adventures written out, Scripture.  I will put it in a binder.  We will take it to Mayo, so he can look at it whenever he wants.  That way, he can get better and get back to what he loves.

We are leaving home on Monday, the 9th (hopefully).  We live in the mountains and mail seems to take longer, plus there is a holiday thrown in.  To ensure that we have the letter before we leave, I'm thinking you would need to mail it by Monday, the 2nd.  We will have mail delivery down there, but still not sure where we will be staying, so not sure what the address is yet.  Our home address is:
Joe and Susan Rodriguez
107 N. Comanche Dr.
Pinetop, AZ 85935

Even if you don't have anything to mail in, your prayers are needed and precious.  Thank you again.

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