Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Hike

A hiker and her best friend were on a hike.  They were having a good time. 

Photo of a backpack leaned against a tree.

Partway into the hike, the best friend started to get weak.  The hiker took his backpack, so he could use his strength to just carry on.  She had to take a few things out of her own pack to lighten the load.  Things that she had thought were important at the onset of their hike.  Things that were not as important that she knew she could put down for awhile and come back to later. 

At about the same time, the trail started going up.  Steeply.  Not too much longer after that, the best friend had a hard time even walking.  The hiker took care of him, as well as carrying both packs, setting up camp every night, and catching the fish to feed them.  The time came when the best friend could not even get up anymore.  The hiker had to literally carry him.  This may seem an impossible load for the hiker to bare.  Yet, her strength was renewed.  She soared on wings like eagles.  Ran and didn't grow weary.  Walked and was not faint.  Isaiah 40:31

Some may question the hiker as to what she chose to leave behind.  They may even be upset at the things that were "dropped" along the way.  Remember, those were deemed not AS important; not necessarily UNimportant.  What was important was that the hiker finish her course with joy, the task the Lord Jesus had given her.  Acts 20:24

Have you ever realized that "trial" and "trail" have the same letters?  It's a trial if you put "I" first.  Trail if you put Abba first.  We have turned our trial into a trail.  Tomorrow is the best friend's birthday.  Exactly one month after that is the transplant; another form of birthday.  New life.

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