Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Vote Could Pay $100

If you have been following me for awhile, you know how I heart  They have helped fund two projects for my classroom.  One project gave us materials to help replant our Burn Zone near our school. We competed in the Disney Planet Challenge, and actually won RUNNER UP!  Thank you  The website also helped to fund an $800 project that would provide Science materials to my classrooms for years to come.  Again, thank you so much.  I know that many of my devoted "followers" were the ones who donated money to these projects.  Thank you too!

Unsolved Mystery Inferencing Cards Activity

I have another project up and running.  We are moving towards Common Core Standards.  I am excited about this shift as it really focuses more on logic and "in the head" thinking versus "in the book" responses.  However, our current curriculum is not aligned to the CCS yet.  I would like to purchase high-interest reading comprehension centers.  Not only do I not have the money to purchase them on my own, I also don't have the time to collect and prepare all these materials.  My husband is in dire need of a kidney transplant soon, and my summer will be consumed with caring for him.  I won't get that proverbial June, July, and August to rest and prepare.

You have a chance to vote for my project and win $100.  To vote, you can go to Corkboard Connections.  Her website and resources are amazing.  If you a teacher, ANY kind of teacher, whether it be preschool, public school, private school, or home school, she has great stuff for you.  She has instructions there, but basically what you do is vote for a project that you think is worthy of funding.  Hint: mine is number 30!  You can vote for 3 projects.  She will fund the 5 with the most votes (more or less).  Of course, if you really want to help fund my project, you can click the link on the right side of my blog.  It goes directly there.  At the time of this writing, I need an additional $280.  The project will expire July 17th.  Eeeekkk!  I believe that Starbucks and MSN are still matching funds, so a donation straight on the website (with the checkout code MORNINGJOE) will be matched.

Thanks once again to just everyone who has made this great life possible.  I still can't believe that I get paid to do what I LOVE.  Heart.

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