Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Read with Someone

Are you using Daily 5 and CAFE in your classroom?  I started this year and don't even remember what I did before this.
At Christmas, our principal told us that we would be going to this method in school year 12-13.  I read the books over break and wanted to get started right away.  I have told you how I like to try new things with my existing class to work out all the kinks.  I set the expectation that they would work in each Daily for 25 minutes (the length of each Guided Reading lesson).  However, we just had a PD where we reviewed some elements from Daily 5.  I saw that the expectation for the higher grade levels is 45 minutes!  EEKK (and no, I'm not referring to Elbow, Elbow, Knee, Knee)!!!!  I didn't think my kids could do it.  But, a friend and amazing teacher, Jennifer Eagle, showed us her graph of working on stamina.  I decided to try it out.  Here are some pics of Read with Someone:
My kids like to lie on the floor.  I let them bring in towels, so they don't have to lie directly on the floor.  Even though they are lying down, they are still EEKK.
 This has become a favorite spot.  I have a jungle theme (see my cute giraffe print curtain).  I put a safari lantern (hanging by a hook) under a table.  Whatever works.
 They also really like to lie under desks.  What?!  I know, but they do.  They also enjoy reading magazines (Weekly Reader and National Geographic).  It doesn't matter to them when it was printed.  Finally, FINALLY, I have a use for all those magazines I have hoarded for years.
 Checking for understanding.
 No, this pic is not upside down.  These boys want to read by holding the book on the underside of a table, while they lie on the floor.  Again, as long as they are reading.
So, how did the 45 minutes go?  I'll tell ya.  They went 37 minutes the first time!  Seriously.  Thirty-seven minutes!  It seems like, in the past, I had been pleading with my students to read for an extended amount of time.  With this system, they WANT to read!  When I told them to meet me back at the rug, they groaned and were so upset at the person who had "messed up".  They immediately wanted to go back into it.  I graphed our progress, and then we tried it again.  Forty-five minutes.  Yes, 45 minutes.  It IS possible.

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