Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Decision

Joe's donor, Kris, spent last week at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  Her week was full of testing: MRI, ultrasound, blood tests, psychological testing, etc.  The donor team then looked at all the results and had a meeting today to make the decision.  The decision if she is healthy enough to still have a good quality of life with only one kidney.  We all waited to hear their decision, knowing that they are the ones with the years of medical training and experience.  Knowing that they are the ones who know intimately how expensive and risky a transplant can be.  We put our peace and trust in their decision.

They met today.  And shared test results.  And then called Kris.

They said she is one of the healthiest people they have ever tested.  The girl does spend an hour in the gym every day.  And she's a vegetarian.  They said she has no signs of diabetes or cancer.  Her kidneys function at 96% (Joe's are at 11%).  They have set the transplant date for July 10th.  Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.  We cherish all of it.  This is an amazing journey!

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