Sunday, May 20, 2012

And the winners are...............

Last night, we had our Kidney Benefit Dinner.  It was amazing.  And to think, that it all started from a little conversation a week ago.  We knew that we wanted to raise money to help our donor with transportation costs.  We had a yard sale two weeks ago and we met our goal of $500.  That money was to help her with costs form the one week of health screening.  But, we knew that we wanted to help raise $1500 more for the 2 weeks after the transplant.  A friend of mine, Amy Brown, owns Pizzeria Venti in Lakeside.  She offered her restaurant as a fundraiser.  She said that typically people make $200-$300.  Ok.  Well, that would be a start.

Another friend, Amanda Luptak, asked if we wanted to do a raffle with a gift card from WalMart.  I said no, because we would only have 6 days to put this together and in those 6 days, we both had horrendous work schedules (end-of-the-year teacher stuff).  Well, her mom-in-law took her out to eat on Monday.  While there, Amanda casually asked if the restaurant would donate a gift certificate.  They immediately said YES!  Since the first was so easy, she tried a few more businesses.  They were practically throwing gifts at her!  By the time the raffle started, we had 34 items! Nice items.  Here is the list of the items and the winners:

2 bottles of Olive Oil from Piccasols Olive Oil Company
Judy Sorenson

Bear Sculpture
Shea Middleton

Basket of Baby Items from All-Occasion Floral
Julia Martin

Carrot Cake from Cafe Bocado
Janelle Golden

Baby Afgan
Julia Martin

$25 Gift Card to Pizzeria Venti Restaurant

$50 Gift Certificate to Darbi's Restaurant
Jeff and Melissa Graves

Weekend Getaway for pets at Ruffin' It Pet Resort
Tonya Auza

$25 Gift Certificate to Donna and Company Hair Salon
Lorie Marchant

Candy Bouquet
Bruce Goode

$10 Gift Card to Tall Pines Grill
Judy Sorenson

Two Night Stay at Nine Pines Motel

Room Diffuser from Spa Estique
Lorie Marchant

Jewelry from Chef Claude
Jeff and Melissa Graves
Jordan McCarthy
The Crull Family
Janelle Golden
Bruce Goode
Bryanna McCarthy

4 Zumba Classes from The Dance Academy
Bradley Brock

$30 Gift Card to Maverick Corral Restaurant
Asa Lavendar

Windshield Repair from All Glass
Bob Taylor

5 Free Drinks from Eegee's 
Bonnie Kasey

$50 Gift Card to Jiffy Lube
Asa Lavendar

Weekend Getaway to a GORGEOUS Bed and Breakfast
Bradley Brock

Hair Cut from Kellie Hatch
Ray Crouzer

Denim Purse and Wallet by Dawn Luptak
Bruce Goode

Titanic T-Shirt from Village 8 Theatres

$50 Gift Certificate for a Massage from Melissa Graves
Shelley Watanabe

4 Movie Passes
Denise Gray

Moose Painting from Mama Bears Restaurant
Ray Crouzer

Poppy Painting from Chef Claude
Sara Middleton

Red Delicious Apple Tree from In-Bloom Nursery
Jonathon Brashear

BBQ Grill from Home Depot
Josie Ngo

I thought I would have to sit at a table, bored to death all night and beg people to buy one ticket each.  Let me tell you.  I never sat!  I barely got 4 bites of salad all day.  We were packed.  Thanks so much Amy for letting us take over your restaurant.  The prizes were so amazing and I really wished that everyone could be a winner.  As I put my hand in each basket, I prayed that God would bless the right person with each gift.  He knows who needs what.  It was such a good showing of support for Joe and Kris.  God was over it all.  Even to the point of the random lady walking in and giving us a truckload of stuff to sell at the yard sale next week.  

Oh, and that goal that we had?  We wanted to get to $1500, but some were saying we wouldn't get it and some were trying to hustle and get more businesses and auctions.  I stood firm that I didn't want to be a moneychanger and that I wanted all the glory to go to God.  People were asking how we were going to get our expenses paid.  I said that God would provide, as He always has.  Well, instead of $1500, or $250 as some predicted, we raised $2500!  That gives us enough for our donor AND we will also be able to cover most of our expenses.  God is so good.  

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