Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shoes From Heaven

Have you ever heard the phrase "coming apart at the seams"?  Yep, I have now witnessed that.
Notice that you can actually see INSIDE the shoe!  And the other shoe is being held together by a RUBBER BAND!  Now, before you call CPS on me and declare me a horrible mother, I bought those shoes 5 weeks ago.  Five weeks, people.  Usually, his shoes last 2 months.  Even then, two months?!  I knew kids were expensive, but come on!

School will be out in 4 weeks and we usually spend our summers barefoot, or in flip flops.  I was hoping to make it to summer before I had to throw these shoes away.  But one more glance at those shoes and you can clearly see that the poor boy needs new shoes.

Sooooooooooooo, we got in the car and drove to JCPenney (only department store on the mountain).  They didn't have any shoes in Jack's size.  None.  We came home deflated, thinking that we would have to hunt around in the closet for some other shoes (maybe even church shoes) to last a little longer.  But, when we walked up to the front door, this is what we saw:
One pair fit Joshua.  Two fit Jack right now, and two are the next size up.  Shoes from heaven.  Now, if I can only get them to last longer than a month...........:)

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