Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coaching or Time Bookmarks

Does your school use "The Daily 5" or "Cafe" by the sisters?  I am a newbie and have just started using Daily 5 in my classroom.  I heart the technique of "Do you want coaching or time?".  In the past, if one student got stuck on a word, other students would just shout out the correct word.  It didn't help the struggling student learn any word attack skills, and the student shouting out was really sort of showing off.  But with this new technique, the struggling student gets coaching from the other student, or not.  They can choose to get more time to use their skills to figure out the word.

Up until now, we had the strategies on an anchor chart on the wall.  Yet, I know that they need to internalize the strategies if they are to remember them for years to come.  Bookmarks would do the trick!

Each student got an index card and was able to decorate the front with their name and be as creative and colorful as they wanted.  Then, on the back, we brainstormed the strategies to use when a friend needs coaching.  Sure enough, they had forgotten a few strategies.  I listed them on the board and they wrote them on their card.  When all was said and done, I laminated them to help them last a little longer.  Now, when they do Read with Someone, they will have a handy reference tool for "Do you want coaching or time?".

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