Friday, April 20, 2012

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Ahhh Fourth Grade. Never boring, usually loud, mostly funny, sometimes messy and always engaging.

Instead of our normal Daily 5 rotations, we celebrated Earth Day in style.  We had 5 centers:

1.  Making our own paper (recycling):  

2.  Painting the planet Earth.  This was supposed to be marble painting, but the kids got creative and discovered that if you scrape the paint, it makes a "champ" design.

3.  Writing in response to "The Lorax".  

4.  Reading magazines and finding "fun facts for the Lorax".  (We reduced paper by using both sides)

5.  Reading Earth Day themed books and taking AR tests.  

Although they worked the entire time they had, we still did not finish all the centers.  We still have our seeds to plant and art to make.  We will finish on Monday (with more pics, of course!).  All worksheets can be found here.  

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