Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reading is Fundamental

I might have mentioned once or twice that we have the best pen pals.  It's true.  My students are paired up with adult professionals all over the country.  It's through a program called In2Books.  The adults and my students read the same books and then type pen pal letters back and forth, talking about the book.  Over the year, the pen pals develop a friendship that goes beyond the books.  For my students, other states become real.  Careers become real.  I can mention a pen pal specifically if we are talking about a geographic location or a specific career and tie that in to why it is important to learn fourth grade material. As a teacher, I highly recommend the program to any third through fifth grade classroom.

Recently, a pen pal whom works for a large, very well-known company was asked to brainstorm some ideas for charitable donations.  She immediately thought of our school.  I had mentioned that we like to offer RIF (Reading is Fundamental) to our kids, but the money would not be funded in the future.  Her company made a large donation to ensure that 600 students got new books!  Six-hundred students!

Here is a pic of my class with their new books!  Most of them chose poetry.  They are such budding writers.
We called each grade-level at a time into the gym.  They watched a power point presentation about how to select a "Good Fit Book" from the Daily 5.
Then, they were allowed to "shop" for a new book.  You would think that letting 75 4th graders look at books would be chaotic, but they were so well-behaved.
Look at all the choices:

More pics coming soon!!!!!!!

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