Saturday, March 10, 2012

Post-It Note Pass-Off

Every once in awhile, I stumble on something that works.  Really works.  

Post-it Notes work.

I wanted the students to read a section of their books and jot down the main idea.  Our dry-erase markers were drying out in my classroom and I didn't want to waste a whole piece of paper for just a sentence or two.  I brought out my yellow post-it notes.  I handed one note to each student.  Then, the magic happened.  

They wrote the main idea.  In perfect, whole sentences.  And then they wanted another post-it note, to do the next section.  And the next.  I have struggled with main idea for  years, and now this simple, little piece of sticky paper made the lesson so engaging.  

It wasn't long before they started asking for more sticky notes to write down the major characters and their traits.  It also wasn't long before I used up my supply of boring, yellow sticky notes.  I had cute, shape sticky notes saved for special occasions.  Don't ask me what special occasions, because I never used them.  Seriously.  I had cupcake shaped sticky notes for 2 years that I had never used.  Every once in awhile, a family member sends me sticky notes in the shape of a school house or a bus.  I had pink, purple, green, blue, you name it!  I tentatively put them in a cute basket at my guided reading table.  What do you think happened?  The kids came running to guided reading and couldn't wait to find out what they would be writing about today!  Really?!  You mean I have been coercing kids to write for 9 years and all it took was sticky notes?!  Told you, post-it notes work.  

I have a pretty good supply now.  At the current rate, I have enough to last me 2 weeks.  I started to scour my desk drawers.  
I found note pads with 2 sticky notes left.  Throw that in the basket.
I found a boring, white pad from a hotel.  Throw that in the basket.  
I found note pads at home from.....wait for it.......12 years ago.  Seriously.  Twelve years.  Throw that in the basket.  
Guess what?!  The kids don't care.  They act like university students with mechanical pencils (really, one of the best inventions ever) and sticky notes.  

So, here is where you come in.  Do you have pads with 3 sticky notes left?  Pads from hotels?  Pads from 12 years?  (oh, that's just me).  Do you have cute pads that you are waiting for a special occasion?  If so, would you consider donating them to my classroom?  The color, size, shape does not matter.  I will take pics of the basket when done.  It looks sort of like this now:
Thank you!
Post-it Note Pass-Off
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