Friday, March 16, 2012

Field Trip to Basha's

Every year, I take my students to Basha's (the local grocery store).  I give them a real-world scenario where a mom is sick and has handed you (student) twenty dollars to buy dinner for the family.  The dinner (meat, veggie, drink, and desert) must be healthy.  She is so grateful that you have helped her, she lets you keep the change.  The winner in this scenario is the one who has the most "money" left over.  My kids did great this year.

 Comparison shopping.

Look, that one is cheaper!

 Looking for veggies.

 Shopping for "dessert".

 Doing math in a grocery store.

Sitting outside, adding up their totals and then subtracting from $20.  

I have done this field trip for YEARS.  A few things I have noticed:
  •  In the early years, the kids used to go to the canned veggie aisle.  In the latter years, they walked to the produce section.  
  • In the past, students would "buy" one chicken leg (to feed a family of 4).  Now, they select enough meat to feed the whole family. 
  • No matter the temperature, they still complain about being hot and complain that they can't possibly walk another step.  The distance is 1.27 miles each way.  I tried to explain that I run that distance, there and back, daily, and I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY older than they are.  They are not impressed.  This humbles me.....quickly.
  • I love my students.  Past, present, and future.  One year, two past students (3 years ago) joined us on the walk.  I love hugging past students and realizing how short I am and how much they have grown when my chin hits their shoulder.  Good kids.  

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