Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If You Give a Mom a Bath

If you give a mom a bath, 
she will add some bubbles. 
While adding the bubbles, 
she will add just a little extra bubble bath, 
like when she was a little girl.
When the tub fills up, 
she will relax and close her eyes for just a second.
When she opens her eyes, 
she will realize the bubbles are up to her eyeballs!
She will call for her husband to come and turn off the jets.
Hearing their mother scream from the bathroom
will make the boys come running too.
Seeing the mountain of bubbles
will remind the boys they "need" to take a bath too.
This will make the mom scream again
for a completely different reason.
The husband will leave
but the boys will stay to make bubble mustaches.
Again, this reminds them that they "need" 
to take a bath.
When mom is alone again, she will carve out 
a bubble igloo in order to shave her legs.
Looking at the igloo and listening to the bubbles pop
will remind the mom of taking baths as a little girl.
And chances are,
if the mom remembers her baths as a little girl,
she will make a bubble mustache too.

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