Friday, December 2, 2011

Warm Heads, Warm Hands

I have the sweetest students.  Just the sweetest ever.  They teach me everyday how to be a better person.

One pen pal had mailed 7 pairs of gloves.  I was holding on to them until Christmas.  But, it recently got cold.  It was 9 degrees at my house.  I figured that the gloves don't keep any hands warm in a closet, so I should pass them out and at least keep 7 kids warm.  I explained the situation of only having 7 pairs of gloves (for 26 kids) and that some kids would not get gloves this time around.  I pulled names out of my cup and two of the kids said that they already had gloves and to give the new gloves to someone else who did not have gloves.  I'll be honest, as a kid, I probably would have kept the new gloves.  Their generosity amazed me.  I went on and passed them all out.  Later in the day, I noticed the kids only wearing one glove.  I also noticed other kids (who I had not called) wearing the matching glove.  Those kids, those 9-year-olds, gave up one glove to a friend, so they could have a warm hand too.  I was astonished.  I don't think that even as an adult I would have done that!  Their hearts are pure.  They are givers and they think of others.  

The same pen pal felt so touched by their generosity, she bought 24 more pairs of gloves AND handmade 48 beanies.  They were all different colors and styles.  She mailed them in and again I was waiting for Christmas.  Well, we had been hearing how a big storm was coming our way, with big snowfalls.  Again, I decided that they do no good in the closet.  I passed them out and we still had some leftover.  It sort of felt like the fish and loaves of bread.  I believe in letting the kids brainstorm solutions to "problems".  I posed the question of what to do with the extras.  One student took over and took suggestions from the students.  She wrote them on the board.  The suggestions were 

  1. give to parents
  2. give to homeless people
  3. give to teachers
  4. give to siblings
After debating and voting, they decided to adopt a classroom and give them to other students.  They walked around school finding out how many students were in each classroom.  Finally, they found a classroom that had the exact number of students.  We went in, gave the students new beanies, and read Christmas books to them.  Kids reading to kids is one of my absolute favorite things as a teacher.  Here are some pics.
 Beanies AND Gloves!
 Japheth, Kailaynei, and Preslie

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