Friday, August 26, 2011

Field Trip to the Burn Zone

A few months after we hiked up Old Alchesay Mountain, it caught on fire.  The mountain is very close to our school, so we took the kids out to the field to watch it burn and to watch the fire planes put it out.  A week later, we went back to the burn zone to see the damage.

 When we got to the site, a hydrologist showed up and wanted to talk with the kids about the impact the rains will have on the slope.
 They noticed that some plants were still alive.
 They noticed that the cactus was charred, but still alive on the inside.
 They observed that the ash was just on the surface.
 Another cactus.
 They named this "powder rock".  As soon as you touch it, it turns to powder.  We still don't know exactly what it is.
 More "powder rock".
 Aluminum formations.  They hypothesized that they were formally pop (or beer) cans that had melted in the fire, and re-solidified into these formations.
The new class pet.  Even after the devastation, they found a horny toad, crawling along.

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