Saturday, August 20, 2011

THE boat

We recently took THE boat out on the lake.  THE boat has quite a story.

When we moved to Arizona, there was no room for THE boat.  I drove the truck with a U-Haul on the hitch.  Joe drove a big U-Haul with the Hyundai on the hitch.  So, Joe gave the boat to a friend.  In the 5 years we have been here, Joe saved up for another boat.  We took it out a few times, but when money got tight, Joe had to sell it. 

A few months ago, the friend in California told Joe that he could have THE boat back.  He said he never used it and it has been sitting for 5 years.  I don't think Joe waited a week before he drove out there to get THE boat back.  He was so excited.  Yet, the friend had lost the title paperwork for the boat and trailer. 

Undaunted, Joe called California DMV and got the required paperwork.  He mailed off the cashier's check and waited patiently for the tags to come.  And wait he did.  Six months.

Summer was drawing to a close and still no paperwork.  One Thursday, Jack and I prayed that God would have California process Joe's check and paperwork and mail the tags.  Monday, when we checked the mail, the tags were there.  Date stamped from Thursday.  What a great testimony to the boys.

Two weeks ago, we took THE boat out. 
Do you think the boys were excited?

They wanted to drive the boat.

Jack and his fishin' pole.

Josh and his fishin' pole.

The day was going great.  But, when we were on the far side of the lake, it started to rain.  Crazy monsoon rain.  8,000 feet elevation, crazy, monsoon rain.  We were so cold by the time we got back to the dock that we were numb.  Overall, it was still a great day with THE boat.

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