Thursday, February 3, 2011

Expand My Territory

I had read the Prayer of Jabez a few years ago and it has transformed the way I pray.  I realized that I wasn't praying to a big God.  I was limiting Him.  If I did ask for anything, it was usually small and insignificant.  He WANTS to bless us, just as we want to bless our own children.  But, my understanding of that prayer ended there, in the first line.  "Lord, bless me indeed!"  Tonight, I understand a little more.

I have been asked to take over a large portion of our Children's Church ministry.  Before you begin to think highly of me, know that I do not feel qualified for such a responsibility.  I am humbled and honored to have been considered.  Before I gave an answer to the pastors, I wanted to search the scriptures and listen to God for direction.  He kept pointing me back to Joshua.  Now, I have a certain affection for Joshua, as I named my son after this great leader.  My favorite verse (well, ONE of my favorites) is Joshua 24:15.  All my searching in the concordance kept coming back to Joshua.  And then it made sense.  The second line of the Prayer of Jabez is to "increase my territory" meaning to give me people to minister to, to talk with about God.  I had been praying the Prayer of Jabez everyday this week, not knowing what was coming.  Now I see!  God is increasing my territory, just as He increased Joshua's when he entered the promised land.  I will have 50 little souls to minister to each week! I feel so blessed!

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