Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow White Moment

Josh has always been my sensitve one.  He snuggles with his teddy.  He walks around with his blanket.  If you are female, he will snuggle in to your "soft" parts. 

He is sweet with animals too.  He speaks softly to our cat.  He always says, "awwwww".

Yesterday was a Snow White moment.  Josh somehow managed to get a fly to land on his finger.  As I watched (in horror), Josh kept saying, "he's so friendly.  He's so friendly.  Awww, he's my friend."  Sunlight was streaming in through the window.  I'm pretty sure I heard birds chirping.  It was a Snow White moment.


Jack came flying (excuse the pun) across the room and smacked the fly out of Josh's hand.  Josh was so upset, he tackled Jack on the floor. 

And. My. Snow. White. Moment. Was. Over.

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