Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Towels

I love kitchen towels.  Call me crazy, but I do.  I also love aprons, but that's another post.  What I don't like about kitchen towels is that they are pretty expensive for the cute ones.  If you want pumpkins in October, you are gonna pay.  Another thing is that I can never find exactly what I want.  Yeah, I like the pumpkins, but I don't like the ghost towel that comes with it.  Or the oven mitt.  So, I have decided to make my own.

I did a few last year.  But, I didn't have any for January, February, or March.  I hit the bargain bin at Wal-Mart and found cute scraps for less than a buck.  With the scraps, I can make at least six towels (two for me and four for gifts).  I also found really cute quilting squares for one dollar.  For the towel, I bought the most expensive and plush towels that Wal-Mart had.  Being Wal-Mart, they were only two dollars each.  Each set cost me about $4.50 and I got exactly what I want.

I was going to do this project alone, as sewing is very relaxing to me, boys love to sew too.  For Christmas, Jack helped me sew an apron for my sister (told you I had a thing for aprons).  As I would approach a corner, Jack would say, "now, slow down, slooooow dowwwwwwn".  It doesn't bother me that my boys like to sew.  Joe learned how to sew at a young age and they don't come more manly than Joe.

What did we create?
Here is the January set of towels:
 February's set:
 March's set:
 All 3 months:
Don't you just love kitchen towels?

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