Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Hike

Yesterday was gorgeous!  I don't just mean a "sunny day" gorgeous, but GORGEOUS.  The average temperate in January is 43.  Let's put it this way: last year on this week, we got 5 feet of snow in one week.  This is what it looked like.  First day.  Towards the end of the week.  End of the week

Yesterday, it was 54 and the sun was ashinin'!  We sat on the deck and soaked it up.  It honestly felt like summer, sitting in the sun.  Since Joe had done all my household chores for me (while I was at work on Friday), we had the whole day to do nothing.  We decided on a hike!  We have done Mullen Mountain many times, so we wanted a new challenge.  Porter Mountain is the highest peak in town and has antennas atop.  We packed a lunch and off we went.

First, you pass the cinder pit, which reminds you that you are hiking on an old volcano.

There are about a dozen antennas at the top. 

At the top, there is also a monster who eats oranges and growls at little boys.

Jack is my little photographer.  He made us stop about 20 times, so he could take a picture. 

You can see our home from here.  Well, not actually the house, but you can see the hill.  It looks so small from this high up.

We could see all the local lakes.  The big lake to the left is Scott's Reservoir.  The smaller lake farter back and to the right is Rainbow Lake.  We could also see White Mountain Lake, Fool Hollow Lake, and Show Low Lake.  We could even see all the way to Flagstaff (approximately 80 miles away).  I told you it was gorgeous day.

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