Monday, December 27, 2010

We Had a Blast!

On our trip to the Old West, we stayed in Bisbee.  Well, just getting to Bisbee was an adventure in itself.  You know us; adventure just seems to follow us.  We had the truck loaded with wood for a gift to family in Texas.  We didn't realize how much the wood would affect our gas mileage.  As we drove through Benson, we thought that we had plenty of gas to make it to Tombstone and Bisbee.  Actually, we thought the towns would be bigger and would have multiple gas stations.  Now  we know better.

On the way out of Tombstone, we passed the one and only gas station, forgetting to fill up.  But, Bisbee was only 26 miles away.  We could make it.  Wrong.

As we were going uphill, we lost power to the truck.  On a one lane highway, around a curve.  It doesn't get worse than that.  But, Joe knows of a trick where you slam on the brakes to get the gas to shift forward and get enough to get it to turn on again.  At this point, we were just entering town.  But, the highway had a split and we took the right split.  Again, she turned off.  No power steering.  No power breaks.  And at this point, we are going down the hill and making the turn into town.  Luckily, the downhill motion pushed the gas forward again and Joe got the truck to turn on.  We sped through the little town, back up the hill, to the other split in the highway, with an ambulance behind us.  All this to say, we finally made it. 

The next morning, we decided to take the boys on a mine tour.  We had a blast!

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