Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pin the Feather on the Turkey

You know the game.  Pin the tail on the donkey?  Well, this year, we turned it around a little.

It all started when my boys were getting excited about family coming to visit for Thanksgiving.  They kept asking how many more days.  I had made a countdown chain for them last Christmas to...countdown to Christmas.  I decided to modify it a little to help them countdown to Thanksgiving

Every night the boys plucked a feather and we wrote on the feather what they were thankful for.  I saved the feathers for Thanksgiving night.  Oh, it was fun!

Everyone got blindfolded.  Spun around.  And pointed in the right direction, more or less.  Joe cheated. 

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In the end, the littlest, youngest, and the one who had never played before won!  I had my money on the blink guy.

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