Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Countdown is On!

My family is coming to visit for Thanksgiving.  I'm so excited.  The boys are too.  They kept asking me how many days until Thanksgiving.  At first, I just told them the number of days, but then I had an idea (it does happen every once in awhile).

At Christmas, I make a countdown chain.  Each chain has a Bible verse or activity on it.  We focus on the real meaning of the holiday and we schedule the fun stuff (deliver cookies to the ER, drive around and look at lights, spend time with elderly neighbors, etc) so the holiday bustle doesn't get the best of us.  The boys get to take a chain off every day and see that we are getting closer to Christmas. 

I used that idea for Thanksgiving.  But paper chains are Christmas-like, not Thanksgiving-like.  Instead, I made a turkey out of scrap construction paper (um, that's why he's blue, y'all).  Then, I cut out the feathers.  I think in the following years, the boys will cut out these pieces.  Each day the boys take a feather off the turkey.  Now, they can see that we are getting closer to Thanksgiving.  On each feather, we write something they are thankful for.  Tonight, Jack said that he is thankful for "our food". 

I am putting the feathers aside right now, for later use on Thanksgiving night.  I plan to play "Pin the Feather on the Turkey" complete with blindfolds.  Even my dad (and if you know my dad, that is hilarious!).  I will post those pics/video after Thanksgiving.

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