Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ancient Tribes Museum

I am so proud of my fourth grade class.  They worked so hard on their Ancient Tribes Museum.  They did research in books.  Then, they researched on the internet.  They then put all that research together to make posters and did a presentation to the class. 

I gave them a hunk of clay and they created ancient villages.  They collected sticks and glued them together to make little ladders.  They found scraps of tissue paper to make fire pits.  They painted and sculpted.  Finally, they opened their museum.

We held our museum in the gym, where we could spread out.  We dimmed the lights and the students held flashlights to highlight the work.  Each "tribe" presented their posters and dioramas.  They asked questions to check for understanding.  They took questions from the visitors.  And they did it for 500 students for 3 hours.  Boy, were they tired!  (I mentioned that teachers talk/teach for 7 hours everyday.)

 We even had visitors from the District Office.

  See the cute tissue paper fire?

***UPDATE*** I had to remove the cute pics of my students. 

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