Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letterbox Hunt

We went letterboxing today.  It was quite by accident.  The seasons are changing here and I know that our play time outside will be coming to an end soon.  So, we planned to go to the park.  Before we left the house, I decided to see if any new letterboxes were planted in our area.  One had been planted at Woodland Lake Park; just where we were going!  Instead of printing out the directions that they give, I made a map that the boys could use.  I used no words, but pictures and numbers instead.  They loved it even more, because they were able to tell me where to find the treasure.  They like telling me what to do. 

They found it with no problems.  I think of all the great skills involved in Letterboxing.  Counting.  Cardinal directions.  Left and right.  And persevering, even when you don't find your treasure under the first rock.

I hope my boys will fondly look back on our letterboxing adventures.  I know I will.
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